Episode 014: Alicia Preston - May You Know Joy
Episode 014: Alicia Preston

Episode 014: Alicia Preston

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Alicia is on a mission to bring Mindful Self-Regulation programming into schools and workplaces.

As we head into an unprecedented September and school year, Alicia walks us through the steps of Mindful Self-Regulation.  It’s an eye-opening conversation about recognizing our stressors and learning how to navigate in a mindful, empowered and self-aware manner. 

She offers valuable insights and tools for educators, parents, students and everyone.


(00:50)            Alicia’s Bio

(03:50)            Alicia’s definition of mindfulness

(05:32)            What does self-regulation mean how can we use it to manage stress

(07:35)            Step 1 of self-regulation is re-framing behaviour with real world examples

(14:40)            Ways Alicia reduces stress in the moment

(15:18)            The Bumble Bee Breath

(18:14)            Discussing mindfulness and educators moving into this new school year

(24:28)            Alicia outlines our key stressors (Step 2)

(32:49)            Step 3 is how to reduce stress and lighten the load 

(34:34)            Step 4 is enhancing stress awareness (mindfulness practices)

(38:27)            Step 5 is responding and developing personal strategies for restoring energy and reducing tension

(39:05)            The Energy Tension Matrix (identifying our energy & our stress cycles)

(42:50)            The Basic Rest Activity Cycle

(45:35)            Negative Stress can turn into positive stress

(50:35)            Simple caregiver/kid tools to help kids become more mindful (through play)

(54:51)            Alicia’s closing message of hope and calm



Alicia is a Moon Mama of 2 and the Founder of Mindful Roots. Alicia’s path began with university studies in sociology, psychology and women’s studies. She holds diplomas in Developmental Services Worker Field and Autism and Behaviour Sciences. She worked for 13 years as an Educational Assistant and Instructor Therapist in the public school system. 

What really led her on her path to discover mindfulness and yoga were her own mental health challenges and the realization that close friends, students, and family members shared similar experiences. These events led her on an inward journey of self-healing. She found breathwork, meditation mantras and with this, greater purpose and intention. Mindful teachings inspired her to launch her work as a Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher.

 Alicia is grateful to work with children, teens, educators, and all humans to help them embrace joy and build resilience through mindfulness. She is on a mission to bring yoga and mindfulness programming into schools and youth groups through physical literacy and Mindful Self-Regulation practices into the workplace. She loves this work because she knows the significant impact mindfulness practice can have on mental health, confidence, emotional & social intelligence and self-love.

Website:         www.mindfulroots.ca         

Instagram:      @mindful_roots_love

Twitter:           @mindfulalicia

Facebook:        Mindful Roots