Episode 011: Chantal McCulligh - May You Know Joy
Episode 011: Chantal McCulligh

Episode 011: Chantal McCulligh

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Chantal McCulligh is the creator of Anxiety Gone – an amazing resource for people with anxiety.  She also curates Anxiety Gone subscription boxes. Chantal reached out to me about including Seeds of Intention cards in the boxes and I was really struck by the incredible resource she’s created. 

As someone who struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks, I think her work is incredible.  I felt alone and terrified in that struggle so to know that there are places for people to get help and inspiration makes me very happy.

Chantal was diagnosed with panic disorder at 7.  In this episode, she shares candidly about her own journey.  She also shares how she copes with anxiety today and offers us some practical and useful tips.  She reminds us that we need to trust ourselves, be kind to ourselves and be open to finding solutions.  She shares how she layers these practices into simple daily practices to give herself a solid foundation and a real shift in mindset.

If you or anyone you know struggles with anxiety, this is a must listen.  It is also great for anyone looking to enhance their daily practices.  All of the tips are accessible and valuable to anyone.  We also talk all things yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and crystals. Enjoy!


(00:50)            Chantal’s Bio 

(02:43)            Chantal’s path through anxiety to helping others heal

(05:00)            How people can get started in managing their anxiety

(06:00)            Chantal’s anxiety journey 

(07:52)            What anxiety looks like for Chantal today

(08:55)            What changes things – including age – with perspective for parents & kids

(11:40)            The myths about ‘facing’ anxiety and effective tools (including breathwork)

(13:05)            Anxiety as an opportunity to learn about ourselves

(15:16)            Chantal’s top tools and techniques (and her own daily practice) 

(20:07)            We talk about meditation, daily intentional practices and being present 

(25:50)            About essential oils and crystals 

(31:05)            We talk about worthiness

(32:30)            Resistance to change and what to do with it (key message:  TRY)

(37:00)            Re-wiring our brains and our mindset

(39:17)            All Chantal’s contact info & where to buy boxes

(40:02)            Chantal’s closing thoughts and pep talk



Chantal is a former Youtuber, freelance writer and owner of Anxiety Gone. Diagnosed with panic disorder as a child, Chantal spent the majority of her childhood and teenage years with limiting beliefs. Today, she runs a successful mental health company teaching others how to manage their anxiety so they can live their best life too.  Chantal is the creator of the very popular Anxiety Gone subscription box. 

Website:         www.anxiety-gone.com           

Instagram:      @anxietygone 

YouTube:         Anxiety Gone by Chantal McCulligh