Episode 038: Jill Valentine - May You Know Joy
Intention Session Podcast Episode with Jill Valentine, UGO Travel for Change

Episode 038: Jill Valentine

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In this episode, we talk to Jill Valentine about what it means to travel intentionally and the big impact that this can have on us personally and the world around us.  Jill’s company, UGO, offers incredible volunteerism trip opportunities to amazing parts of the world.  They offer opportunities to volunteer and make a big impact on local communities.  The personal transformation that comes along with these journeys is unparalleled.  Through her engaging story-telling, honesty and infectious enthusiasm, I’m sure you’ll be inspired and start thinking about travel differently.


(00:50)            Jill’s Bio

(02:50)            Travelling with intention

(04:05)            Jill shares what brought us to this work

(06:30)            Tanzania 2022

(07:47)            What this travel experience is really like

(13:55)            What Jill says for people who want to go but, are scared

(17:50)            Tough days and aha moments 

(22:36)            Moments of pure bliss

(25:25)            How they are volunteering in local communities

(31:33)            How does travel or being away help us change and grow 

(35:36)            Tanzania 2022

(38:25)            A candid conversation about travel post-COVID

(45:25)            How to connect with Jill and UGO

(46:27)            A few final inspiring words



Jill Valentine is a Co-Founder of the social enterprise, UGO Travel for Change and author of the book Dare to be a Dandelion. She has been a Transformative Travel and Social Impact coach for over 5 years following over two decades of work and volunteering in the charity and non-profit sector and becoming a Certified Professional Coach. She has led life-changing coaching programs around the world helping her clients gain clarity, confidence and a deeper sense of self while impacting local communities in Belize, Nepal, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Tanzania. Jill is the creator of the UGO Triple Change Model whose three pillars include Change Yourself, Change Your Community and Change Your World. She leverages the power of travel and volunteerism as tools for creating profound personal and social change. She’s an adventurer, a force for good, and lives by the words, “Let’s Make it Happen”.

Website:         www.ugoimpact.com

Instagram :      @ugoimpact

Facebook :      The More Community