Episode 039: Selene Wilkinson - May You Know Joy
Intention Sessions Podcast with Selene Wilkinson

Episode 039: Selene Wilkinson

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In this episode, I have a great conversation with Selene Wilkinson, Naturopathic Doctor and Owner of Lemon Water Wellness in Toronto.  We have an inspiring talk about how simple changes can make an impact on our mindset and general well-being.  Selene explains the 5 Pillars of Health:  Eating, Drinking, Thinking, Resting and Recharging.  I know you’ll find inspiration here. We also talk about the heightened levels of anxiety and depression due to COVID. Of course, you need to seek the help of a professional but, if you are seeking general perspective, this may be a great help.


(00:50)            Selene’s Bio

(03:30)             What Selene’s seen in her practice over COVID      

(04:50)             5 Pillars of Health – Eating, Drinking, Thinking, Resting, Recharging

(05:36)            What do you do when you first wake up?

(10:00)            What does productivity mean? 

(14:55)            Eating – how to eat with intention

(18:41)            Drinking – how to hydrate in a way that’s intentional 

(27:55)            Resting – how rest is so good for you 

(32:00)            Re-charging – how re-charging can really fuel you 

(36:42)            What to do if you’re struggling with anxiety and depression 

(40:23)            Everything comes down to love and fear 

(41:53)            Things can change very quickly 

(45:17)            A message to remind you that life is limitless



Dr. Selene Wilkinson is the Owner and one of the Naturopathic Doctors at Lemon Water Wellness Clinic, Vitamin IV Lounge and General Store. Selene is a certified IV Therapist and Doula and has an integrated approach to her practice. Her goal is to inspire people to get excited about living their truth and to live life to its fullest potential. She does this by incorporating a wide variety of treatment modalities such as nutrition, Vitamin IV therapy, acupuncture, Asian medicine, botanical medicine, physical medicine and lifestyle counselling. She is also a sought-after writer, speaker and TV guest – sharing her wisdom on healthy living and environmental issues.



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