Episode 030: Caroline Meyer - May You Know Joy
Episode 30: Caroline Meyer

Episode 030: Caroline Meyer

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Caroline has been my Naturopath for years and we have also collaborated on many wellness workshops.  She is also a regular contributor to the May You Know Joy Membership where she guides us in aligning our most intentional living with the seasons.  I love this content and think it’s valuable for us all to return to so, I invited her to share it with all of us on the podcast.

In this episode, we explore practical and soulful approaches to optimizing our health. The body has its own wisdom and we regain health and wellbeing by this listening and honouring. Our health evolves through connection to the natural world and its seasons.  We explore each season specifically discussing diet, exercise, rest, mindset and wisdom to attune to.


(00:50)            Caroline’s Bio

(02:45)            Talking About Cycles (Seasonal, Lunar and more)

(03:50)            How We Get Disconnected from Cycles

(04:45)            Exploring Spring’s Qualities and How We Can Align

(08:25)            About Spring Cleansing

(12:45)            About Summer & the Lightness that Comes with this Sesaon

(20:15)            About Fall and How to Navigate Mindfully    

(28:20)            Intentionally Navigating Winter

(31:33)            Honouring Smaller Cycles (i.e. the lunar cycle, the 24-hour cycle)

(33:50)            The Power of Small Daily Habits

(36:40)            Dealing with Stress

(40:02)            The Importance of Rest & Sleep



Caroline Meyer is a naturopath and energy healer who has helped thousands of children and adults realize their own health potential. She leads workshops and seminars as well as writing on natural approaches to health. Caroline also teaches the next generation of naturopaths at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Website:          www.drcarolinemeyernd.com

Instagram:       @drcarolinemeyernd

Facebook:       Dr Caroline Meyer ND