Episode 028: Jackie Shawn - May You Know Joy
Episode 28: Jackie Shawn

Episode 028: Jackie Shawn

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Jackie and I have a beautiful conversation about what “Sovereign Beauty” means.  She shares what her illustrious career has taught her about beauty and invites us into the world of her Wholistic Beauty Lab.  Jackie is creatively combining decades of knowledge with energy, vibration and natural ingredients to create radiant beauty in all of us – from the inside out.

She also gives us some great tips that you can integrate immediately!

(00:50)            Jackie’s Intro

(02:40)            What Jackie’s career with celebrities & rock stars taught her about beauty

(04:44)            Jackie’s career evolution

(05:44)            Jackie’s experience with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

(07:48)            Wholistic beauty

(09:00)            Sovereign beauty, what it means and how it relates to life today

(11:50)            The colonization of beauty & a reminder of your innate beauty

(14:47)            How to start a more mindful beauty regime

(16:00)            Skincare unique to your energy

(17:39)            About how Jackie created an unexpected cream for Adrienne

(23:35)            Healing on a cellular level

(24:50)            Collaborating to create the May You Know Joy essential oil

(26:23)            The power of creating sacred moments & rituals & being present

(31:23)            Simple ways to shift your morning routine

(36:24)            Internal power & making it work for you

(38:23)            More morning rituals

(42:05)            Jackie’s perspective on “anti-aging”

(51:41)            Jackie speaks to women in this moment and offers inspiration & simplicity

Inspiring others to take a wholistic approach to beauty Jackie Shawn is an acclaimed international editorial and celebrity makeup artist. She is the founder of Wholistic Beauty Lab and a certified aromatherapist. With 35 years in the beauty industry her proprietary blend of bespoke skincare and energy work is what she calls Vibrational Beauty.  Jackie helps women who are overwhelmed by having to look, think and feel a certain way about their beauty. She guides them in expressing themselves by using skincare and cosmetics that reflect authentically who they are. She helps them declutter what’s no longer working, simplify their routines, and become sovereign in their beauty choices, so that they radiate confidence from the inside out.

Website:         www.jackieshawn.com

Instagram:       @wholisticbeautylab

Facebook:       Wholistic Beauty with Jackie Shawn (Group)