Episode 042: Sheetal Story - May You Know Joy
Intention Sessions Podcast with Sheetal Story

Episode 042: Sheetal Story

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I love this episode with Sheetal Story, Psychic Medium and Astrologer. Sheetal is an engaging storyteller and we have a rich conversation about how Sheetal came to cultivate her intuitive gifts and how all of us can tap into the power of our intuition. As you may expect, it can be difficult to trust and understand these gifts. We explore the confusion, the magic and how life expands when we learn to trust.  Enjoy listening!



Sheetal Story and was born with the ability to see aura and spirit (the souls of our dearly departed). Ever since she was a child she could remember seeing colours about people, but not quite understanding what it meant. Sheetal could also see spirit as a child, and realized early on that she was different from other children. She did my best to hide it. But at night, she would get horrible nightmares. When she told her mom, she said Sheetal had the ability to control her dreams and to protect herself. She said if Sheetal told them to go away, they would. And if she didn’t want to see them at all, she could turn it off. At the age of 9 Sheetal did exactly that.

Over the past 11 years, her abilities have returned in full force, and she has had no choice but to explore them fully. And with each new turn, the right teachers and opportunities have appeared and opened up her life so much. And finally for the first time ever Sheetal felt like she was living in alignment with her soul’s purpose. On top of her Business degree, Sheetal has become a Certified Medium and Meditation teacher, Law of Attraction Coach, Master’s in Coaching, Certified Grief Support Counsellor, Certified Therapeutic Hypnotherapist, and Tarot reader. She is also a Certified Astrologer under ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research). Sheetal gets to do what she loves and is so grateful for it. She sees clients every week, and she loves to help people every day. Sheetal is so passionate about empowering women to trust and strengthen their intuition, so they can use this soul led compass to live their most passion-filled and purpose-led life.

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