Episode 009: Ali Levine - May You Know Joy
Episode 009: Ali Levine

Episode 009: Ali Levine

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Ali is a popular LA-based stylist, media personality and influencer.  We met at a wellness event we both attended in Los Angeles where Ali chose a May You Know Joy card.  Our connection blossomed from there.  Ali started regularly posting the cards and we talked about how they influence her day-to-day life. 

I was interested to interview Ali because I was curious how she came to find intentional living and how it intersected with her very public life.  She is another beautiful example of how life teaches us lessons if we’re willing to listen and what it means to be true to ourselves.


(00:50)            Ali’s Bio

(02:20)            How we met & how Ali uses her May You Know Joy cards

[07:32]            I ask Ali if her role pulls her out of being intentional 

[07:50]            Ali talks about life in Hollywood

[09:12]            A day in the life of a celebrity stylist

[12:13]            How Ali’s life shifted and her experience on Bravo’s “Stripped”

[17:25]            The birth of Ali’s daughter and how that contributed to her shift 

[19:22]            Post-partum depression, lessons about control & autopilot and moving forward 

[21:08]            The fear of letting go and the beauty of being truly present in life

[24:22]            The reality of being an ‘influencer’ 

[26:00]            Being raw and authentic and the time she lost 10k+ followers

[27:45]            Being aligned and sharing from this heart-centred space

[29:24]            Life transitions, loss and loving your whole self 

[32:15]            Really becoming intentional

[34:55]            What helps Ali get grounded right now

[36:37]            How important our morning practices ar 

[39:35]            Being intentional doesn’t have to take a lot of time

[43:22]            How to connect with Ali



Born and raised in New York, Ali has worked for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Ali relocated to Los Angeles, California and became a household name as a celebrity stylist. Ali recently appeared with her husband on Bravo’s hit show, “Stripped.” Ali makes regular appearances on local to National television promoting herself as a brand becoming and on- camera expert. After Ali’s recent birth of her daughter Amelia Rei, Ali has transitioned to mompreneur and mommy influencer across the board. Belonging to sought-after mommy groups, her keen fashion sense and real-ife experiences inspire many.

Websites:      www.alilevine.com


Instagram:   @alilevinedesign 

Twitter:         @alilevinedesign

Podcast:        Striptd Down with Ali Levine