Episode 025: Tara Greene - May You Know Joy
Episode 025: Tara Greene

Episode 025: Tara Greene

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We had some internet connections fail us but, we persevered!  And, with our incredible editor, we put it all together, warts and all so, you don’t miss a thing.

Tara Greene is a world-renowned astrologer and I had the opportunity of hearing her 2020 forecast last fall.  I was intrigued to have her back to find out what astrology has to reveal about the state of the world and what we can expect in 2021.  It’s a great episode!


(00:50)            Intro and Tara’s Bio

(03:13)            What Tara had forecasted for 2020

(03:48)            What astrology is and why we can’t blame the planets

(04:23)            About 2020

(06:17)            Our tech snafu

(07:10)            We pick up on 2020

(08:49)            December 21st, 2020 is a turning point initiating a brand new 20-year cycle

(12:18)            Pluto return for the USA

(12:36)            What 2021 means based on numerology and tarot 

(14:58)            2021 is about love, speaking out and fixing

(15:48)            Understanding astrology & the 4 elements

(18:10)            What our horoscopes mean

(23:29)            More about what to expect in 2021

(30:13)            Working with the cycles of the moon in our personal lives

(35:36)            How to mark December 21st this year

(39:28)            Creating regular practices

(42:52)            How to connect with Tara

(44:30)            Tara’s closing comments



Tara Greene is a natural-born Psychic who has always remembered her past lives and that we are all multi-dimensional spiritual beings. She is an internationally known Intuitive, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Numerologist, Women’s Spirituality and Ceremonial Workshop Leader, Shamanic Healer and Dreamwork Expert. Tara has read for 30,000 people at corporate events and private readings worldwide since 1991. Tara writes horoscopes and leads women’s spirituality workshops at The Grail Springs Wellness Retreat in Bancroft Ontario and in Sedona, Arizona, her second home. Tara is a Double Sagittarius with Scorpio Rising. She loves to connect deeply with others through her work and, in doing so, bring them greater awareness and self-empowerment.

Website:         www.taratarot.com

Instagram:       @taragreenetarot

Twitter:           @6thsensemoment 

YouTube:         Tara Greene