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Episode 000: Welcome & What to Expect

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Welcome – from your host, Adrienne Enns

I want to welcome you to the Intention Session podcast.  

This brief welcome will give you a feel for what inspired this series, my own intentions and what I hope you will experience.

Much of my work is about our daily intention setting practices. With this podcast, I wanted to create a much larger conversation. I wanted to interview an incredible cross-section of remarkable people living intentionally. Not only are they inspiring but, they remind us that tough moments can be wise teachers and that intentional living can manifest itself in an infinite number of ways.

I enjoy creating these podcasts immensely and I hope that you enjoy listening to them.


(00:32) My own intentional living through my recovery from addiction

(01:11) How The Intention Sessions started

(01:32) I aspire to create a much greater conversation through these interviews

(02:17) What is intentional Living

(02:30) I’m inspired and hope you are, too

(02:57) Creativity, COVID-19 and what I remembered

(03:38) Our intentional living is essential and my hopes for you


I welcome you here.

I hope you listen, share and enjoy.


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Thanks for joining me on this journey.  I’m thrilled to have you here.