Episode 002: Asha Frost - May You Know Joy
Episode 002: Asha Frost

Episode 002: Asha Frost

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In this episode, we have a rich conversation with Asha Frost who is a Native Medicine Woman, Spiritual mentor and an individual I admire deeply.  Asha has played an integral role in my own personal journey, so to share her wisdom and teachings with you is an honour and a gift.  In this episode we explore how navigating chronic illness, reclaiming her ancestral teachings and finding her voice has all been woven into her most intentional living.

We talk about the book she is writing which is all about connecting with our own medicine.  We also talk about her blog post, Dear White Woman Who Wants to be Like Me which went viral.  We talk about the messages shared in that letter, what inspired it, the conversation it sparked and how she personally navigated the response.

Finally, Asha takes us on a beautiful journey.  If you’re able to listen to this part in a quiet place where you can close your eyes and take in the fullness of the experience, you will be grateful you did.

Asha’s personal journey and ancestral wisdom are a gift.  I look forward to her first book and I invite you to check out her website, social media and her membership, Sacred.  This is soul food.


(00:50) Asha’s bio

(03:00) Asha talks about the book she’s writing and her medicine

(05:39) About trusting our medicine

(06:50) Asha’s personal journey with Lupus and her ancestral teachings

(09:49) Discussion about Asha’s viral ‘Dear White Woman’ blog post

(10:50) How to use sacred teachings respectfully

(17:15) Asha’s personal journey having shared this blog post

(24:27) About our truth, being brave and healing

(26:35) The wholeness of our experiences and sharing them

(28:10) Intro to the journey Asha will lead us in

(29:00) Asha leads us in a beautiful journey (close your eyes & breathe it in)

(35:50) Adrienne shares how she experienced the journey

(36:35) Resources for looking up animal spirits

(38:30) Asha shares how you can connect with her & offers closing thoughts



Asha Frost, is an Anishinaabe (Ojibway) Medicine Woman, Healer and Spiritual Mentor. She is a member of the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation. As a Soul Seer and Visionary, Asha believes that we can all reclaim our roots and deepest medicines. 

Asha has facilitated healing with thousands of people through the use of Indigenous Based Ceremony, teachings and sacred circle. As a teacher and leader, her purpose is to help women connect to the magic of spirit within their lives so they can root down and be of service to the world.

Asha is working on her first book and has a popular and beautifully curated membership called Sacred.

Website: www.ashafrost.com 

Instagram: @asha.frost

Facebook: Asha Frost

Sacred Membership: Sacred Membership Details & Sign-Up