Episode 023: Madeleine Marentette - May You Know Joy
Episode 023: Madeleine Marentette

Episode 023: Madeleine Marentette

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In this episode, Madeleine Marentette, the Founder of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, returns to share The Four Seasons of Manifesting.  This is a great guide for intentional living on an annual basis. It offers an intuitive and practical system for being aligned with the seasons and using cycles to move through the various stages of manifestation.

Grab a journal and something to write with.  We will begin with November and Madeleine will walk us through looking at all aspects of our life, identifying what we want to create, a New Year’s Eve ritual and synching with the energy of the seasons to manifest our dreams.


(00:50)            Madeleine’s bio

(03:30)            Madeleine introduces the process encourages us to not stop dreaming

(06:59)             Grab your pen & paper

(08:20)            Grab a journal & an annual calendar 

(08:50)            How do we use our connection to everything to live optimally

(12:10)            Re-assess your life and ask yourself… what are your top 10 core values

(14:50)            November is about Accountability & reflection

(20:57)            December is about Vision/Description of Circle of Life

(34:20)            Circle of Life – Health & Selfcare, Spirituality, Relationships, Financial Wellbeing, Continued Education, Purpose/Path/Career, Travel & Adventure, Community, Sacred Home, Play, Giving Back and Planet Earth

(44:05)            The Magic Question:  So, what else is possible?

(46:40)            New Year’s Eve (not Christmas Eve) Ritual

(48:28)            January is for Planning 

(49:27)            February is “The Preparer”

(50:10)            March – Spring Equinox is ‘Launch Day’ (The Planter)

(51:06)            April – The Month of the Guardian (Guard Your Dreams)               

(52:52)            May – The Connector (Nurturing Collaborations)

(52:30)            June – The Celebrator (Enjoy the fruits of your labour)

(54:12)            July – The Wayfarer (Take time to release & express love of life)

(56:09)            August – Restful (Rest & restore before Fall Harvest)

(57:30)            September – The Month of the Harvester

(58:04)            October – Gratitude

(58:40)            November – A return to Accountability

(59:08)            The importance of light

(1:01:45)         Creating & finding joy in chaos – the importance of practice



Madeleine Marentette is the founder and CEO of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, Canada’s leading holistic wellness destination (Bancroft, ON). Bestselling author, Metaphysician, educator, soul coach and healer, she continues to illuminate the path for individuals seeking personal transformation and life fulfillment. For over twenty-five years Madeleine has dedicated herself to the study and processes of the human-soul-energy-connection, this awareness she feels, relevant more than ever to today’s changing and challenging world. A dedicated life of service to people, planet and our sacred animal kingdom, has her working relentlessly taking action, co-creating with others, and hosting wellness retreat programs at Grail Springs. Madeleine holds a series of lectures and retreats throughout the year both at Grail Springs and abroad. She is presently working on her next book on the human condition as it relates to the sacred, and the evolutionary track of soul consciousness and destiny.

Website:         www.grailsprings.com


Instagram:      @grailsprings


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