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 joy journal

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned,
so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

― Joseph Campbell

Seeds of Intention

Since launching Seeds of Intention last Summer, I realize that bringing these cards into the world was just the beginning – the seed – in my journey of understanding intentions. Bringing this ‘product’ into the world was a little bit like having a baby... read more

May You Know Joy on the Mat

As I prepare to be an exhibitor at this year’s Toronto Yoga Conference, I’m inspired to share how yoga teachers are bringing May You Know Joy and Seeds of Intention cards into their classes and into the lives of their students. But, before we get to that, a quick word... read more

May You Listen to Your Heart

Here’s how my dream of making a card deck became a powerful life lesson. When I look at the May You Know Joy card deck sitting on my desk today, it appears so simple and unassuming. But I laugh to myself, because I know the real truth! Creating the May You Know... read more

The Origin Story: How May You Know Joy Cards Came To Be

This is the story of how May You Know Joy cards came to be. On a trip to BC to visit my sister, I stumbled upon Elizabeth MacLeod’s Wild Woman Mystery Cards ( I was captivated by the whimsical illustrations and the empowering words centred... read more

New Year. New Love

In 2017, I wish you freedom, love and oneness. Recent experiences have reminded me that these joyful qualities of life are still available to us, even during challenging times. To mark some personal milestones, I recently spent a few weeks on the lush island of Bali.... read more

Fearlessness: Part 2

Given my recent admission that I really believe in fear.  I can feel it in my stomach right now and probably will well past the time my plane departs on January 2nd and as I do a host of other risky things between now and then. Maybe what I’m looking to celebrate or... read more

Joy Disclaimer: Not for the Feint of Heart

Another word about this blog … I think that you will quickly come to recognize a theme if you visit regularly.  That is, joy is not just sunshine and lattes and dog walks (although those are 3 of my favourite things!!).  I believe in the full spectrum of our being and... read more

Fearlessness: I’m Not So Sure About This One

When I created the May You Know Fearlessness card, I know where I was coming from – I’d been forced to face a great deal of my own darkness in recent years and in coming through that I felt lighter and more bold. I felt that I was no longer afraid and could face... read more

Welcome to my Joy Journal!

As you will have already gathered from this site and my work, I’m aspiring to curate a joyful life and if I can inspire or empower you do to the same – even in some small way – it would be my pleasure and my honour. This weekly blog will take its... read more

Adrienne Enns

I am inspired by life’s raw beauty. Each day I aspire to navigate toward joy. To me, this means living consciously from a place of truth, kindness and gratitude. As a creator and a coach, I invite you to join me on this journey in whatever manner you choose to show up. Joy is a choice. May we curate incredible, meaningful and joyful lives together.