Many May You Know Joy card users have expressed that they are seeking greater guidance, connection and inspiration. Some have cultivated their own practices and some are looking for a simple place to start. Others are seeking fresh inspiration. Hence, The Intention Sessions – an opportunity to gather like-minded souls, explore what it really means to live intentionally, create intentions and learn simple rituals and techniques to integrate into our daily lives.


When I was enjoying a beautiful meditation next to the labyrinth at Grail Springs in Bancroft, Ontario last summer, I saw a ribbon hanging from a tree branch. In that moment, the undercurrent of all of the requests I’d been receiving for gatherings, workshops, retreats seemed to crystallize in the 3 words on that fabric: Connect, Listen, Integrate.


We will create a sacred space to connect to ourselves, others and our world in a heartfelt, authentic and intentional way.


We will listen to our heads, our hearts, our bodies, others and the world around us to distill what is essential to our well-being and how we want to show up in the world.


With this foundation of connection and deep listening, we will explore how to integrate intention setting into our lives in meaningful ways. This is not just an idea or a concept – this is a practice of being and living. We will share rituals, tools and tips for integrating intentional living into our daily lives in personal, simple, effective and beautiful ways.

Being intentional & why it’s worth it

Many people have told me that they’ve heard the word “intention” but, they are curious to know what it really means. They also tell me that they want to re-connect with their purpose and that they don’t have any time.

This on-line course intends to address all of these questions, desires and obstacles in a space that is joyful, inspiring and empowering. Our time together is meant to feel sacred, beautiful and like delicious soul food.

My intention

Years ago, I didn’t know what intention setting was. I just started doing it when I was recovering from a dire battle with my personal demons. I decided I wanted to use my energy for my greater good and create my moments, my days and my life on purpose. I was fragile but, I just kept showing up intentionally in each moment. This has evolved into a beautiful body of life’s work that I am honoured, humbled and grateful to share with you.

My intention is to share this simple yet, life changing practice with you. My intention is to create a sacred and beautiful space where you can feel safe, held, curious and open. My intention is to inspire you and empower you to weave intentional living into your moments and create your life on purpose.

My intention is to show you that you don’t need to block off hours of time. Intention setting is your practice and a little is better than none at all. My intention is to encourage you to integrate this in ways that feel joyful and purposeful to you. My intention is to also let you know that every intentional thing you do has a cumulative effect and one day the power of this practice just may surprise you and carry you.

My intention is to share these learnings, practices and rituals with you. My intention is to connect you to a great love for yourself and your time on this planet so, that intentional living becomes second nature to you. You are worth it and the world needs you.

If my intentions resonate with you, I welcome you to join me on this journey.

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