my philosophy

my philosophy

my philosophy

“For most of your life, you’ve lived at the effect of your experiences. Now, you’re invited to be the cause of them. That is what is known as conscious living. This is what is called walking in awareness.”

― Neale Donald Walsh

Joy is an intentional, cultivated and profoundly beautiful life force energy.

We are all called on over and over – in ways big and small – to rise up, to speak our truth, to open, to overcome, to expand. Moving through – feeling our feelings, facing our fears, rising to challenges, overcoming obstacles – these are all navigating with and toward joy. Truth and compassion and kindness and love – these are our compass points. We use them to navigate tough times and move toward joy until joy becomes a powerful undercurrent. It is something we seek out and cultivate everyday. We choose joy. We choose to honour ourselves, we choose to be compassionate to ourselves and others. We speak our truth, we take care of ourselves, we laugh at ourselves, we fail, we love, we screw up, we have a bad hair day and we move forward. We recognize the beauty today has brought to us and we’re grateful.

Our darkness, our challenges and our feelings are some of our wisest guides.
When we accept all parts of ourselves, we open in incredible and unexpected ways.
And – our possibilities become rich and vast.

To connect with joy, we need to confront the truths about ourselves and our lives – asking what’s really true for us. That’s where our power lies and that is where love is. From that place, our path becomes clear to us. We stay on that path and each choice we make, each word we speak, each person we bring into our tribe helps us on our journey.

Joy is wholeness – it’s embracing all that is and all that we are. I know joy because I know pain and suffering and sadness. They are all part of this delicious, raw whole. And, once we connect with its force, we will always want to move with it. It pulls us in with its ease and grace and flow. It allows us to be calm and to see through the clutter. It allows us to navigate the tough experiences because we know we will be stronger and wiser for having moved through them – it’s all happening for us anyway, all the time – it’s just a matter of how we navigate. I choose to navigate toward joy.

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