Welcome to the Global Online Masterclass

It is an honour to invite you to this beautiful global community of intentional souls. We’ve talked to so many individuals locally and in the cities we’ve visited and there in an incredible appetite for being intentional and further exploring this path. Since we can’t be everywhere and we want this to be open to everyone, we’ve created the Intention Session Online Masterclass. We are glad you’re here sussing things out and, if this speaks to you, we welcome you to join our circle at one of the upcoming session dates.

My intention is to:

  • Explain what it means to live intentionally
  • Explore the 3 intentions I believe to be foundational: love, kindness and gratitude
  • Help you cultivate greater awareness of yourself and all that you wish to create
  • Create an opportunity for you to come into greater alignment with you heart and your purpose
  • Give you simple and beautiful tools and rituals that you can easily integrate into your everyday life
  • Let you know that you don’t need a lot of time – intentional living is mindfully showing up in each moment – the effects of this are cumulative and powerful
  • Inspire and empower you to create a life you love and live on purpose
  • Create an environment where we can show up as we are. Living intentionally is not a practice of perfection or nothing ever going wrong. It’s consciously choosing how we want to show up in the world and responding to the world from this centred place.
  • Create a beautiful and sacred community of mindful and conscious souls looking to live more intentionally. We heal, grow and transform in community with one another.

Masterclass outline

Week One: Being Intentional

What does it mean to be intentional? Why should I bother? How can I integrate this into my everyday life is simple yet, meaningful ways?

Week Two: Love

Love for ourselves and the world around us is foundational to the intentional love. We will discuss what this means, explore the obstacles in our way and create rituals to build this into our self-care practices.

Week Three: Kindness

Kindness is key. We will explore the difference between being kind and being nice. We will cultivate strong kindness rituals and practices to bring this into our own lives (and the lives of those around us) in rich and meaningful ways.

Week Four: Gratitude

The power of gratitude simply cannot be underestimated. We will explore what this means, how it’s at work in our daily lives and how our gratitude creates even greater abundance.

What to expect:

The Intention Session are currently scheduled to run 6 times in 2019. Each Masterclass Session is a 4-week series. They include the following:

  • Welcome gift lovingly packaged and snail-mailed to you (including May You Know Joy cards, Seeds of Intention cards, a journal and an intention setting bracelet)
  • One themed 75-minute group session via Zoom each week (Mondays 7:30 – 8:45 pm EST) Group sessions will be an intimate and sacred space and our time together will include content delivered by Adrienne, meditations and intentions setting tools and rituals
  • A weekly e-mail covering the week’s theme including inspiration, tools and surprises
  • A private Facebook group should you wish to connect with your intentional circle members

2019 masterclass dates

  • Session 1: Mar 4 Start (call dates: Mar 4, Mar 11, Mar 18, Mar 25)
  • Session 2: Apr 15 Start (call dates: Apr 15, Apr 22, Apr 29, May 6)
  • Session 3: May 13 Start (call dates: May 13, May 20, May 27, June 3)
  • Session 4: Sep 9 Start (call dates: Sep 9, Sep 16, Sep 23, Sep 30)
  • Session 5: Oct 21 Start (call dates: Oct 21, Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11)

Class sizes are limited.

Intention Sessions Online Masterclass

$295 USD

Terms: Your investment will be paid in full upon registration for your course dates. Payment is non-refundable. All Zoom Classes will be recorded and made available should you miss a class. Your participation in the class is your responsibility. We hope you are intentional with your commitment and participate as fully as you can. Wishing you intentional days and great joy.

Still have questions?
Let us answer them for you! E-mail us: joy@mayyouknowjoy.com

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I welcome you with great love and grace. ♥