everyday joy

everyday joy

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour.” 

― Rumi

I believe that joy is a choice and by living intentionally and mindfully, we can create the life we really want.

May You Know Joy Meditation Cards

May you know peace

Do something today that brings you peace.  Connect with what peace feels like and savour it.  Choose ways to cultivate peace in your life a little more each day.

May you know magic

There is magic within you and all around you.  Look for the magic in your life and let it work its wonders.  You’ll be grateful you did.

May you know more. Much more.

This is the wild card!  The caterpillar had no idea it would completely dissolve and turn into a magnificent butterfly.  Dream so big it seems ridiculous and open yourself up to all of life’s incredible possibilities.

May you know truth

Close your eyes and connect with what’s true in your heart.  Speak your truth with kindness.  Your truth is your power.

I’ve created May You Know Joy meditation cards and the Seeds of Intention cards to be companions to you on your daily journey. They are beautiful and accessible wait to include reflection, inspiration and self-kindness into your daily self-care regimen.

People are propping these cards up in their bathrooms, on their bedside tables and on their desks as daily, grounding reminders. The cards are also being used in yoga classes, to inspire journalling, in art therapy and to start business meetings (!). And – I invite you to be creative and use them in whatever way serves you best in the moment.


The May You Know Joy set includes a ribbon-tied deck of 42 cards and a companion booklet with a passage for each card in a gorgeous draw-string linen bag. These cards are designed to inspire reflection, intention-setting & mindful living. A lovely and simple way to help you live your life on purpose.


Seeds of Intention cards are a mini deck of 42 cards. They are the ‘little sister’ to May You Know Joy. The cards are smaller in physical size and in the specific daily intentions. This snack-size set will inspire you to plant seeds of intention each day. When nurtured, watch your life turn to the sun and blossom.

Please contact us if you have questions:  joy@mayyouknowjoy.com

If you are interested in carrying these products in your retail space or have inquiries regarding bulk orders, please contact us at: joy@mayyouknowjoy.com

Seeds of Intention Cards

For today I am kind to myself

What small thing can you do or say to be kind to yourself today?  Be generous and compassionate with yourself and hold this gift from you to you in your heart

For today I listen to my heart

Tune out the noise in your head for a bit and connect with your deepest love, your deepest hopes and deepest dreams.  Do one small thing today that comes from the heart.

For today I dream big

Dream big!  With no regard for any limitations, write down all of your biggest dreams for yourself.  Don’t think – just write and when you think you’re done, keep going!

For today I know that I am more than enough

Take a moment to cherish your journey and everything that has brought you to today.  Know that you are good enough, strong enough and beautiful enough to do whatever you want to do.

For today I take a risk

Here’s a secret:  the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.  Take a risk today – no matter how small.

I’d love to hear from you. Use the hashtag #mayyouknowjoy to share how you are using your May You Know Joy Meditation Cards and Seeds of Intention Cards everyday!

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